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Book Furniture

Type | Art

Client | Div.

Location | Div.

Date of Completion | 2017,2018

Photos | Natalia Carstens Fotography


Creating furniture out of books, is that even ethically correct? What would Goethe or Dostojewski say if they knew somebody could sit on their finest pieces of literature?

In an overly technological world this controversial project is paying homage to one of humankind's greatest inventions while making it's content unreadable. Over the course of time, the physical value of books decreased drastically. With the invention of the eBook and the rise of industrial manufacturing, what was once limited content in a book was multiplied and spread to a larger audience, leading to the physical value of the book to decrease. At the same time the emotional bonding of the book and its reader stayed untouched. Even if the content was read several times, it is unlikely that the books are thrown away or in the best case passed on to someone else. In an overly technological world, books have become a stage to promote or show off the intellectuality of its owner. Shelves are crumbling by the amounts of books displayed on them, while the book itself looses its value in between the masses. The project „Bookfurnitures“ is playing with this terminology by giving chosen books a permanent and prestigious place inside of the furniture. Grappling with the moveables consequently forces the user to also deal with the authors and their works.

The „Bookfurniture“ Project is limited to 25 pieces each object.


Taste, Fest der Künste, 2017

Paper Positions, Berlin, 2017

Alexander Ochs Private, 2017

Positions Berlin, by Van Cauwelaert, 2018


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