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Han West - Kreuzberg

Type | Hospitality, Bar and Restaurant Design

Client | Han West, Ram Shakl, Max Foeller

Location | Görlitzer Str. 69, 10997 Berlin, Germany

Area | ~ 120m²

Date of Completion | 2018

Photos | Max Foeller

Fields of activity | Concept and Ideation, Visualization, Technical Drawings, Project Management, Implementation


Han West - Dumpling House & Bar in Kreuzberg: A Taste of Back Alley Hong Kong In partnership with the creative minds of Ram Schakl and Max Foeller we've embarked on a gastronomic journey in the heart of Kreuzberg, Berlin, right here in the vibrant neighborhood of Berlin. Welcome to Han West Kreuzberg, a fusion of dumpling restaurant and bar, serving up an irresistible slice of Asian street food culture.

Our vision for this culinary gem was to transport diners straight to the bustling back alleys of Hong Kong. We've accomplished this by embracing the use of raw, industrial materials like dark wood and metal, setting the stage for an authentic experience.

Every poster adorning the walls has been meticulously designed, contributing to the overall ambiance that invites diners to embark on a culinary adventure.

Above the bar area, a commanding metal grid structure adds an industrial touch, creating a focal point within the space.

Our commitment to detail is seen in the laser-cut brackets thoughtfully designed to support the benches and standing tables. Two of them, featuring metal pipes extending to the ceiling as legs, offer a unique and visually striking element.

Sustainability and creativity unite as upcycled elements are woven into the design, such as the front of the bar adorned with flattened metal soya oil canisters, symbolizing our dedication to both artistry and environmental responsibility.

Step inside, and you'll be greeted by a warm and inviting atmosphere, reminiscent of the vibrant back alleys of Asia. Neon lights and bunker lamps artfully accentuate the back-alley style, further immersing you in the experience.

With a combined passion for restaurant and bar design and a deep commitment to hospitality, Han West - Kreuzberg has become a welcoming haven where patrons not only savor delectable dumplings but also partake in an unforgettable cultural journey.

Ram Schakl Max Foeller


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