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Han West - Wedding

Type |Hospitality, Bar and Restaurant Design

Client | Han West, Ram Shakl, Max Foeller

Location | Burgsdorfstraße 7, 13353 Berlin, Germany

Area | ~ 30m²

Date of Completion | 2018

Photos | Barrie Interior Solutions

Fields of activity | Concept and Ideation, Visualization, Technical Drawings, Project Management, Implementation


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Han West Dumpling Express: A Berlin Wedding Culinary Escape

Again in collaboration with Ram Schakl and Max Foeller, "Han West - Wedding" is a vibrant dumpling restaurant situated in the bustling district of Wedding, Berlin. Focused on delivery and a fast-paced dining experience, it's the ultimate destination for those craving the essence of Asian street food.

Our vision was to transport patrons to the spirited back alleys of Hong Kong, where the legendary "Han West" dumplings have earned their fame. We've achieved this through the use of raw and rustic materials like dark wood and metal, setting the stage for an authentic experience that's perfect for those on the go.

Each poster gracing our walls has been thoughtfully crafted, contributing to an ambiance that invites diners to embark on a culinary adventure. Above the bar area, a prominent metal grid structure serves as the centerpiece, creating a visually engaging focal point.

Attention to detail extends to the laser-cut brackets thoughtfully designed to support the benches, ensuring comfort without compromising style. Our large corner shelves offer a quick and convenient dining experience, perfect for those in a hurry.

Sustainability and creativity converge as upcycled elements and materials take center stage in our design. These touches, along with the use of metal accents, underscore our commitment to both artistry and environmental responsibility.

Neon lights artfully accentuate the back-alley style, immersing diners in the experience.

With our collective passion for restaurant and bar design and our unwavering dedication to hospitality and Restaurant design, "Han West - Wedding" has become a welcoming haven for those seeking the bold flavors of dumplings. Ram Schakl

Max Foeller


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