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Mikro Café

Type | Hospitality, Cafe and Restaurant Design

Client | Mikro Café

Collaboration | Ram Shakl

Location | Schloßstraße 99, 12163 Berlin

Area | ~ 30m²

Date of Completion | 2021

Photos | Natalia Carstens Fotography

Fields of activity | Concept and Ideation, Visualization, Technical Drawings, Project Management, Implementation


Welcome to The Mikro Café – Berlin's Cozy Coffee Place

In collaboration with Ram Schakl we've crafted a charming oasis of caffeine and conversation right in the heart of Berlin. Our interior design expertise has transformed this small coffee shop into a warm and inviting space that not only caters to coffee aficionados but also entices passersby with its unique features.

We've optimized every square centimeter of this petite space. As you approach, your attention is immediately drawn to the large menu board, adorned with laser-cut letters, enticing passersby with a tantalizing selection of beverages and treats. Small shelves along the walls serve as intimate tables, providing a cozy spot for patrons to savor their brews.

For those who prefer the outdoors, a thoughtfully designed bench beckons on the sidewalk, offering the perfect perch to soak in the Berlin atmosphere. We custom-built this bench, ensuring it seamlessly blends with the café's aesthetic.

The choice of an off-white color palette for the walls sets a calming tone, creating a welcoming backdrop for patrons. Behind the counter, vertically placed rectangular tiles add a touch of sophistication and durability. To elevate the overall design, we incorporated copper strips on the edges of wooden elements, infusing warmth and a subtle metallic charm into the space.

The front of the counter, a masterpiece of half-rounded wooden slats, adds a touch of rustic elegance. This harmonious blend of warm earthy tones with copper accents creates an atmosphere that's as inviting as your favorite cup of coffee.

Mirko Café Ram Schakl


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