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Paper Positions Basel

Type | Art

Client | Paper Positions Berlin

Location | Telekom, Hauptstadtrepräsentanz, Franz. Str. 33a-c, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Area | ~ 60m²

Date of Completion | 2018

Photos | Clara Wenzel-Theiler


Lumigran, Art and Design meet Paper Positions Basel

Our project "Lumigran" is all about combining functionality with aesthetics in a practical and hands on type of way. Located in the Art fair Paper positions Basel, the installation was placed in the entrance area to welcome visitors. This unassuming yet captivating piece quickly caught the attention of those passing by.

Over a span of two days, around 3,000 individual pieces were carefully connected. The installation stands out as a versatile solution for interior spaces. It's made up of two simple shapes that connect seamlessly, allowing you to create room installations that adapt to your needs. No matter how many pieces are available, whether it's dividing a space or adding an artistic touch, "Lumigran" offers endless flexibility.

The design of "Lumigran" draws inspiration from nature, reminiscent of the growth patterns found in living organisms. Its shape resembles the molecualr structures we all remeber from chemistry class. This subtle touch of organic influence brings a touch of the natural world into your interior spaces.

Paper Positions Basel


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