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Paper Positions Berlin

Type | Art

Client | Paper Positions Berlin

Location | Telekom, Hauptstadtrepräsentanz, Franz. Str. 33a-c, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Area | ~ 50m²

Date of Completion | 2018

Photos | Clara Wenzel-Theiler


Lumigran at the Paper Positions in Berlin

"Lumigran" is a dynamic art installation that redefines room design. Comprising two interlocking shapes, it offers endless possibilities for customized installations that adapt to your space. Light and shadows play a pivotal role, adding depth and movement to the design. Inspired by living organisms, the structure of "Lumigran" has an organic quality, reminiscent of a molecular growth. It's not static; instead, it seems to evolve and adapt, intriguing viewers with its simplicity while creating complex geometric shapes. One of the key elements of the installation is the interplay of light and shadows that dance across its surface, enhancing its allure.

During the art fair "Paper Positions Basel",this installation made its mark in the representativ office of the Telekom in Berlin, gracing the entrance area with its subtle presence. Handcrafted with precision, approximately 2,500 pieces were carefully assembled over two days.

Lumigran is a play with creativity, versatility and craftsmanship, seamlessly blending art, functionality, and the duality of light and shadow.

Paper Position Berlin


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