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Pistachio Lino

Type | Residential Interior Design

Client | Private Costumer

Location | Bergmannstrasse, 10961 Berlin, Germany

Area | ~ 23m²

Date of Completion | 2023

Photos | Natalia Carstens Photography

Fields of activity | Concept and Ideation, Visualization, Technical Drawings, Project Management, Implementation


Pistachio Linoleum Studio Apartment: Where Smart Design Maximizes Comfort

Nestled in the vibrant neighborhood of Kreuzberg, Berlin, our small studio apartment project showcases the power of thoughtful residential and kitchen design. In "Studio Pistachio," every square centimeter has been meticulously planned to make the most of the space, ensuring comfort and functionality.

Attention to detail is the cornerstone of this project, with every element carefully considered. The small kitchen is a testament to this approach, featuring a warm oak worktop coated with oil and honey wax. The cabinet fronts, in a pistachio-colored linoleum, play a pivotal role in defining the design's character. No handles clutter the cabinets, maintaining a clean and streamlined aesthetic that perfectly fits the compact studio.

The kitchen's purpose is clear: to be efficient and unobtrusive while offering everything one might need. A connected bar, also made of linoleum and oak, provides a space for dining, with two white bar stools complementing the overall look.

A small room divider crafted from oak slats and felt serves a dual purpose: it separates the living room area from the kitchen and dampens sound, enhancing the living experience. Underneath, a spacious box serves as storage for bed linen and a convenient surface for charging devices or placing magazines.

The pullout couch, large enough to fit two adults, transforms the space from bedroom to living room with ease. It's a practical solution for small living spaces.

Details abound, such as the flippable sockets integrated into different surfaces, emphasizing the thoughtful and innovative nature of this interior and kitchen design project.

At "Studio Pistachio," we've demonstrated how smart design can maximize comfort in a small space. Whether you're preparing a meal in the compact kitchen or lounging on the pullout couch, every element has been carefully crafted to create a harmonious living experience. Every piece of furniture has been conciously sourced and purshased to complet the vision of our client.


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