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Type | Real Estate Marketing, Residential Design

Client | Barrie Interior Solutions

Location | Wilhelmstasse, 109763 Berlin, Germany

Area | ~ 200m²

Date of Completion | 2018

Photos | Barrie Interior Solutions

Fields of activity | Implementation, Art Installation


Modern Real Estate Marketing Showroom.

One of the first projects in collaboration with Barrie interior Solutions: a contemporary showroom designed for real estate marketing, tailored for the client. This spacious 200m² apartment seamlessly combines modern aesthetics with practicality. Our design expertise extends to real estate marketing, creating an environment where potential buyers can easily envision their future in this well-lit space. The modern layout and residential space planning highlight the apartment's potential.

Sunlight floods through the windows, accentuating the carefully chosen, modern furniture in the living and dining areas.

The living area is generously sized, complemented by a spacious dining table, perfect for envisioning gatherings with loved ones.

In the living room, you'll find a piece of the Bookfurniture Series collection, thoughtfully paired with art installation Lumigran nearby.

Our art curation service adds a tasteful touch, enhancing the overall appeal. We excel in furniture sourcing, ensuring every piece complements the contemporary vision of the apartment. The bedroom is bright and comfortable, featuring a queen-size bed and several curated decor elements.

This project reflects our commitment to transforming spaces, offering modern layouts, and enhancing the traditional real estate marketing approach.

Barrie Interior Solutions


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