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Wen Cheng - Mitte

Type | Hospitality, Bar and Restaurant Design

Client | Wen Cheng, Ram Shakl

Location | Schönhauser Allee 10, 10119, Berlin, Germany

Area | ~ 200m²

Date of Completion | 2022

Photos | Barrie Interior Solutions

Fields of activity | Concept and Ideation, Visualization, Technical Drawings, Project Management, Implementation


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Wen Cheng Noodle Haven: Where Tradition Meets Modernity in Berlin Mitte

Step into the culinary world of "Wen Cheng" a renowned Asian noodle restaurant that has achieved legendary status in the bustling heart of Berlin Mitte. In collaboration with Ram Schakl and Max Foeller, we've transformed this dining destination into a vibrant haven for hand-pulled noodles, where tradition and modernity seamlessly intertwine.

Wen Cheng is more than just a restaurant; it's a culinary institution, perpetually buzzing with patrons, often forming waiting lines that extend onto the sidewalk. Inside, you'll find a spacious, cafeteria-style setting that perfectly matches the fast-paced vibe.

Our design approach embraces modern simplicity while infusing the restaurant with unique character. Corrugated iron, thoughtfully integrated throughout, adds an industrial edge to the ambiance. But it's the attention to detail and upcycled elements that truly set "Wen Cheng" apart.

Old school chairs from Poland have been lovingly refurbished and rennovated, giving a nod to the past while ensuring comfort for today's diners. The large room dividers, constructed from wooden-framed glass panels salvaged from an old print workshop, have been carefully disassembled and reassembled to create bespoke features for this restaurant.

At the heart of the design is the illuminated, laser-cut restaurant logo, casting intriguing shadows that captivate diners. The interior layout combines large high tables and smaller, squared seatings, offering flexibility to accommodate various group sizes. Even the table legs are a testament to the dedication to design, meticulously crafted and laser-cut for a unique touch.

Our expertise in restaurant and bar design, coupled with our unwavering commitment to hospitality, has transformed "Wen Cheng" into a welcoming sanctuary for lovers of Asian cuisine. It's a place where tradition harmoniously blends with modernity, creating a memorable dining experience for all who enter.

Ram Schakl

Max Foeller


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